Visit Jim Corbett and Reestablish that Long Lost Contact with Nature

Jim Corbett National Park is one place on this planet that is a pure reflection of what the nature and this existence on Earth might have looked like at the very beginning. It is a place where the time stands still and listens to what this pristine nature has to say to the rest of the world. And no doubt that message is loud and clear. Humans in their quest to live a more comfortable and a luxurious life have impinged upon the space that was not theirs. They have exploited nature and have done everything possible to make sure that the world inherited by the future generations would not be the same pure world as was inherited by our ancestors. But time has come that humans realize this folly and make amends for it. The sooner they would realize it the better it would be for them. Many of the enlightened beings amongst us have woken up to this fact and are now making some serious efforts to undo the wrong done by the previous generations and even the present one. The Jim Corbett National Park is a shining example of this effort.


A single visit to the place would tell you what this National Park is all about. The wonderful and splendid flora and fauna and the warm camaraderie shared between the forest and the humans would simply take you by surprise and awe. The creatures that you would find at this park are still the same as they were some thousands of years ago. It would seem like the place is welcoming each and every visitor with an open embrace and telling them how wonderful it would be if humans would let go of their devastating actions and adopt a more benevolent and generous attitude towards nature.

The hospitality industry in the region is very active and that can be seen in the wonderful jim corbett national park resorts and corbett national park hotels that dot the landscape of the region. A stay at these hotels would do a lot of good to you and help you establish that long lost contact between you as a human and mother nature.


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