The City of Kashipur and its Wonderful Hotels To Stay

India is a country that has some of the most endearing of cities, towns and places. It is a land that is steeped in history and one can come across places that are of profound historical, spiritual and cultural importance. One such place is the town of Kashipur in the Udham Nagar District of Uttarakhand. It is a place that has a rich history as well as is an important cultural center. Its history dates back to the period of Mahabharata and around 5000 years ago its was a revered Hindu pilgrimage center. Even the most notable Chinese traveler Heun-Tsang has described the city as ‘Govishan’ in his travelogue.


The foundation of the modern city of Kashipur was laid by Pandit Kashinath who was an office bearer under Raja Devi Chand of the Chand dynasty of Kumaon. It was also a temporary abode of some of the most towering personalities such as Sant Tulsidas who was the famous author-poet of Ramcharitamanas and Swami Dayanand, the founder of Arya Samaj. The places of interest include Chaiti Temple, Panchaytan Temple and Drona Sagar.

There are some very fine hotels in Kashipur that offer the visitors a wonderful staying experience. The Manor in Kashipur is one hotel that has the scenic beauty, luxury and warm hospitality which it offers to the people who come here to stay. It has stately 34 guest rooms and suites. This Himalayan hotel in Kashipur has an enchanting ambience, old world charm and personalized service all of which makes it one of the most special places to stay.


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