Book Your Luxurious Staying Place in Haridwar with Private Ghat

Haridwar is one of the best places for the Hindus pilgrimages. It is believed to be one of the seven holiest spots for the devotees of Hinduism. Situated at the banks of the Ganga this spiritual place turned into a colossal tourist destination with people throughout the world. The large number of temples and the religious functions in this spot attracts large number of visitors each year. At this place, Goddess Ganga does not lose its flow completely nevertheless turned out quite and calm here. Visitors like taking bath on the many ghats made on the watercourse shores. It’s believed that taking bath in the Ganga in Haridwar purifies the soul and clear all previous sins.


‘Ganga Lahari’ The Best staying Place in Haridwar

If you are planning to visit Haridwar, you can book Hotels in Haridwar with Private ghat in advance. In the sacred city Haridwar, staying on the banks of the Ganga and enjoying the sound of flowing water and feel the presence of natural breeze is exceptionally magnificent. Additionally, you can likewise see the Mangal Aarti right from your staying place which is a standout amongst the most heavenly sights for anyone visiting this holy place in India. Among all the Haridwar hotels “Ganga Lahari” is one of the best hotels that offer premium quality accommodation at reasonable cost. The hotel has 14 large spacious rooms all of which are facing the Holy River Ganga. Ganga Lahari is the luxurious place to stay for any tourist as it offers them an unforgettable experience during their stay.


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