Book Your Hotel in Advance and Enjoy the Visiting of Gateway of Gods

Haridwar is one of the preferred destinations of tourists across the India, especially for pilgrimage purpose. It is comprehend to be one of the holiest places for the followers of Hinduism. This spiritual place situated adjacent the banks of the holy river Ganga. Many people around the world visit here and take bath in the Ganga as they believed, to wash away all the sins.

Hotel in Haridwar-Deluxe-

Visiting Places in Haridwar

The main attraction of this place is the temples and evening prayers at the Ghats.While staying in Hotels in Har Ki Pauri Haridwar, you must visit the prime attractions of Haridwar like Har ki Pauri, Saptarishi Ashram, Daksha Mahadev temple, Chandi Devi temple, Maya Devi temple, Mansa Devi temple and many more.

Find the Best property to stay in Haridwar

The Hotels in Haridwar with private ghat has bath taking infrastructure that offers all the requirements of the pilgrims who wish to visit Haridwar to attain peace in the abode of God. Booking hotel in advance is the wise decision as it offers you to check into hotel the time you reach the place, without facing any hassle. There are numerous hotels and resorts, but the service and facilities of Ganga Lahari are more than your expectation. The spacious rooms of this hotel are well equipped with modern amenities and offers you comfort during a stay in Haridwar.


Book Luxurious Hotel in Corbett and Get Splendid Comfort

The first national park of India Jim Corbett is the primary choice of wildlife enthusiasts. It is visited by a lot of visitors every year who wish to catch the magnificent views of the Indian tigers. The Jim corbett national park also called the paradise of tigers as it holds a huge population of tigers in its stunning landscapes that has a variety of flora and fauna.


If you are planning to visit Jim Corbett in this year, then it will be a wise idea to book your accommodation place in advance because sometimes finding the right accommodation place that do not burn your pocket is not a easy task. Throughout the year, many wildlife enthusiasts come here, so may be you are not able to book the one staying place, where actually you want to stay, because the rooms might be not available by the time you reach there. There are multiple hotels, but when you want to stay in one of the best hotels in Corbett which give you the freedom to relax and leave the world behind at the front door then the best choice for you will be The River-view Retreat.

The best accommodation in this forest, The River-view Retreat offers best amenities to their visitors. This resort has well decorated lodges and offer you splendid comfort. These all the lodges comprises a private kitchen and separate bedrooms that attached with separate toilet and bath and have the facility of round a clock running hot and cold water. There is a great facility of multi-cuisine restaurant. They serve mouth-watering tastes like: Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, continental and many more.

A Visit to Kausani would Complete You As A Human Being

Nature moves in mysterious ways. It has a way of getting its long lost children that is human beings come back to it in the most amazing of manners. Howsoever far we might have gone from the warm and loving embrace of nature, beyond any doubt it would force us to return to our original place that naturally belonged to us. In our endless zeal to modernize ourselves and create a life that is full of all the comforts that science and technology can offer us, we have moved far away from nature. But the truth is that we cannot stay that way forever. There comes a time in our lives when our profession, our family life and our circle of friends just cease to give us the pleasure and warmth that we were getting earlier. We feel that strong urge to move away from all that we had been doing till then and rediscover our roots. And beyond any doubt our these roots lie in the warm embrace of nature.


Kausani is one place in the Uttarakhand state of India that has the mighty nature throbbing with life and verve to its very core. The blue green mountains dabbed with snow swirling mists, the lingering smell of pine, the towering deodars and bushy shrubs of green tea all have a very calming effect on the individual who travels to the place. Kausani is a hill station located on a narrow ridge of Pingnath Peak and is 1890m above sea level. It is place that would intoxicate you and bring to the fore the lover and the mystic inside of you.

If you are visiting Kausani then you can rest assured that the best hotel in Kausani would provide you with all the comforts and luxury amidst the verdant nature. The Sun N Snow Inn is one of the finest of hotels located in the entire region. This hotel offers you a mesmerizing view of the mountains covered with snow in the full glory of the Sun. If you think that the time is ripe for you to rediscover your roots then a visit to Kausani would complete you as a human being.

The City of Kashipur and its Wonderful Hotels To Stay

India is a country that has some of the most endearing of cities, towns and places. It is a land that is steeped in history and one can come across places that are of profound historical, spiritual and cultural importance. One such place is the town of Kashipur in the Udham Nagar District of Uttarakhand. It is a place that has a rich history as well as is an important cultural center. Its history dates back to the period of Mahabharata and around 5000 years ago its was a revered Hindu pilgrimage center. Even the most notable Chinese traveler Heun-Tsang has described the city as ‘Govishan’ in his travelogue.


The foundation of the modern city of Kashipur was laid by Pandit Kashinath who was an office bearer under Raja Devi Chand of the Chand dynasty of Kumaon. It was also a temporary abode of some of the most towering personalities such as Sant Tulsidas who was the famous author-poet of Ramcharitamanas and Swami Dayanand, the founder of Arya Samaj. The places of interest include Chaiti Temple, Panchaytan Temple and Drona Sagar.

There are some very fine hotels in Kashipur that offer the visitors a wonderful staying experience. The Manor in Kashipur is one hotel that has the scenic beauty, luxury and warm hospitality which it offers to the people who come here to stay. It has stately 34 guest rooms and suites. This Himalayan hotel in Kashipur has an enchanting ambience, old world charm and personalized service all of which makes it one of the most special places to stay.

Attain Inner Peace and Harmony by Visiting The Char Dham

There comes a time in your life when whatever you are doing simply stops giving you pleasure and satisfaction the way it was doing before. All the things that you considered important till that time now seem to be just a distraction from which you desperately want to get away. You are searching for a higher purpose in life and your materialistic achievements does not excite you or encourage you any more. If this is your state of mind then it is the time to commence your inward journey as that is the only thing that can give you a lasting peace and happiness. And the one place that can help you achieve that is the religious location of char dham.
CharDhamChar dham is the most sacred place of the Hindus and for centuries people have visited the place to find that inner bliss, peace and fulfillment. It is the holiest of all the places for the Hindus and consists of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. All four of them together are the locations that devout Hindus from all over the world visit to seek salvation.

The hospitality industry in the region is quite active and makes sure that the people who come visiting the place get to stay in the most relaxed manner and also get to enjoy the most luxurious of settings. The chardham hotels located here are the most well furnished hotels and are the most in demand among the tourists. So if you think that the you are standing at that point of your life where you need to make a new beginning and that too in a direction that is spiritually uplifting then you must immediately embark upon the char dham yatra tour.

Enjoy The Scenic Beauty of Nainital and Stay at the Finest of Hotels

The finest thing about being human is that we can travel to our heart’s desire. Man ever since the dawn of civilization has been an ardent traveler. Form one place to another, either on foot or some vehicle, he has been constantly on move. In the entire process of human evolution the one factor that has played an important part in the emerging of the homo sapien as the strongest of species is this ability to migrate and adapt to the places. In the present, although the ways and means of traveling have changed and even the goal of traveling has changed but what has remained the same is this zeal to travel and see new places and meet new people. If you are among those who secretly cultivate this desire to travel and see new places then Nainital is the place that you should be heading for.

pic5Nainital is also known as the Emerald Green Eye of Kumaon and got its name from a famous mythological story. The city was founded in the year 1841 by Mr. P Barron, a European merchant and an avid hunter. Nainital is also known as the lake district because of a string of closely located lakes, Bhimtal, Sat Tal, Naukuchiya Tal and the Naini Lake. It is a place where nature has unleashed itself in sheer mesmerizing beauty. Having once been to the place it is very much likely that you would never feel like leaving the place for all times to come.

Another amazing thing about the place is the presence of the budget hotels in Nainital. These hotels have made sure that the visitors like you who come visiting the place get a chance to stay here and enjoy the scenic beauty of Nainital for as long as they want. The hotels India in Nainital offer the visitor the most luxurious settings amidst the mesmerizing and charming beauty of the region.

Visit Jim Corbett and Reestablish that Long Lost Contact with Nature

Jim Corbett National Park is one place on this planet that is a pure reflection of what the nature and this existence on Earth might have looked like at the very beginning. It is a place where the time stands still and listens to what this pristine nature has to say to the rest of the world. And no doubt that message is loud and clear. Humans in their quest to live a more comfortable and a luxurious life have impinged upon the space that was not theirs. They have exploited nature and have done everything possible to make sure that the world inherited by the future generations would not be the same pure world as was inherited by our ancestors. But time has come that humans realize this folly and make amends for it. The sooner they would realize it the better it would be for them. Many of the enlightened beings amongst us have woken up to this fact and are now making some serious efforts to undo the wrong done by the previous generations and even the present one. The Jim Corbett National Park is a shining example of this effort.


A single visit to the place would tell you what this National Park is all about. The wonderful and splendid flora and fauna and the warm camaraderie shared between the forest and the humans would simply take you by surprise and awe. The creatures that you would find at this park are still the same as they were some thousands of years ago. It would seem like the place is welcoming each and every visitor with an open embrace and telling them how wonderful it would be if humans would let go of their devastating actions and adopt a more benevolent and generous attitude towards nature.

The hospitality industry in the region is very active and that can be seen in the wonderful jim corbett national park resorts and corbett national park hotels that dot the landscape of the region. A stay at these hotels would do a lot of good to you and help you establish that long lost contact between you as a human and mother nature.

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