The Corbett Park Safaris Would Introduce You to a Whole New World

The Corbett National Park is India’s oldest and its first national park. If spending time amidst the intense verdure offered by nature is on your mind then a trip to this national park should be your first choice. It offers the visitors a chance to live amidst some of the most extraordinary flora and fauna that nature can offer. And the best way to explore these is through the Corbett park safaris that are offered by the hospitality industry in the state. Leisure Hotels is one hospitality group operating in the area that offers the visitors to the park an amazing safari at the most suitable of timings.

Corbett park safaris

The different types of safaris offered by the park are the Jeep safari, horse safari, bird safari, elephant safari, fishing safari and the nature walk. Explore the beauty of the flora and the fauna of the park through the elephant safari or the Jeep safari. Both of them are a popular with the adventure lovers and the wild life photographers. You can opt either for the morning safari or the afternoon safari both of which provides you with the opportunity of seeing the wildlife nestled in the park.

The morning safari is from 0600 hrs till 1100 hrs in the morning while the afternoon safari timings are from 1430 to 1730. However depending upon the local weather and the season the timings can be changed by the forest authority of Corbett. So go ahead and make your bookings for this most amazing of experience that would change the way you have been looking at life till now.


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