Visit Kausani and Stay at The Finest of Hotels in The Region

If there is nothing on your mind except relaxation in the wondrous embrace of nature then Kausani is the place for you to visit. Just imagine the blue green mountains that are dabbed with snow; dark towering deodars along with bushy shrubs of green tea; rolling slopes that are covered with velvet grass ;continually winding roads; small hamlets that are perched on the hill sides and two gurgling rivers Gomti and Kosi that seem to be singing on their way. This and much more characterizes the beauty and serenity of Kausani. The place can simply do wonders to your spirit and fill you with life and much more.

Sun N Snow InnThe hospitality industry plays a very vital role in the emergence of the place as a leading tourist attraction of the nation. The hotels in Kausani are well built and are well equipped to cater to even the smallest of requirements of the tourists. The best hotel that you can plan to visit in Kausani is the Sun N Snow Inn which is a property of the Leisure group of hotels. This hospitality group is one of the leading groups in the nation and has presence in almost all the major tourist attractions of the nation.

By staying at this hotel you would be able to enjoy the pristine nature in the region in the most luxurious and comfortable setups. The resort is a sprawling country house with an archaic aura about it. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the romantic inside of you would come to the fore by a mere stay at this resort. Just like its name suggests the hotel offers a great view of the Sun and the Snow on the mountains. If you are visiting Kausani then only this resort can help make your trip to the place successful and fulfilling.


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